30 August 2017 by MDC

Sit Position, Monitor Position, and Correct Keyboard Position While Working in Front of Computer.

Sitting too long in front of the computer can make your waist or back feel tired and more pain if you do not sit properly. It can affect your posture in time after time and make your back humpbacked. If you work in front of the computer in long time you should look at how to sit properly because it can prevent and reduce the risk of back pain.

Sitting Position

  • Use a chair with height as tall as your knee, you should sit with your knee bend straight with floor.
  • Your foot must be placed on the floor, not hang up.
  • The lower back is supported by the back of the seat. This makes your back upright.
  • Try not to bend your body towards monitor. Keep it relax and comfort.
  • Your head should be upright and do not lean forward. This will reduce tension on your neck.
  • If you sit for a long time, change your sitting position occasionally or take a walk for a few minutes.

Monitor Position

  • Position your monitor as line as your under eye line, this makes your eyes look down on monitor instead of up.
  • Distance between monitor and your eyes is about ± 60 cm.
  • Adjust the brightness and sharpness of the monitor. Do not set it too low cause it will make your eyes tired.
  • Adjust the monitor position that does not reflect/glare any object behind you.

Keyboard Position

  • Put the keyboard in a position that makes your arms feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Try to position your arms 90 degrees between your arms and the keyboard.
  • Place the mouse aligned with the keyboard to keep your wrist straight and relaxed. Do not place mouse over or below your keyboard.
  • When typing, your wrist should not move from its position. Only use your fingers to reach buttons on the keyboard.

These are simple tips about how you place your seat, monitor and keyboard position while you are working in front of the computer for a long time. We hope these tips are useful for you and prevent you from any back pain.

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