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SMS Gateway

Short Message Service (SMS) Gateway is an application system that can be used for sending and receiving SMS. SMS gateway is typically used in business applications either for promotional purposes and providing certain information to the SMS recipient.

Features that are usually present in the SMS gateway is a broadcast message to the recipient, SMS gateway able to send message to the recipient periodically or with a specified schedule

Some examples of using SMS gateway is the provision of billing information from the company to the customer, reports from employee in a company, reminder for employees if there is a schedule of meetings and the appointment of a specific task. Businesses which is having points system such as telecommunications providers and banks able to utilize SMS gateway to provide information points to its customer

SMS gateway is used because simple to use and easy for many situation. The devise is needed are Notebook or PC as server, a modem and software for SMS gateway. The using of SMS gateway is not just a stand-alone system, but the SMS gateway can also be combined as a plugin to the application which is used for operations in company.

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