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DCK Cloud Storage

Technology Development on modern world has growing so quickly, especially Cloud computing technology. The cloud computing technology can be separated into three, there are: Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service), Saas (Storage as a service), Paas (Platform as a Service).

Cloud technology growth quickly because cloud always come with something new, and it’s very needed for all circle and for a company of course. Usually a company uses a cloud technology as storage. And that’s why cloud storage was needed by a big company like Bukit Jaya Group. Due to big needed, Manufacturing Department send planning image of project that require Manufacturing Department crew to asking ICT team to upload that image to Google Drive or  Dropbox.

Based on that requirements, DCK having idea to build a Cloud System Storage which can help the Manufacturing crew on sending the image to customer. DCK cloud storage being an alternative not only helps Manufacturing crew but also all of the employees on Bukit Jaya Group. DCK Cloud Storage is a free and open cloud storage based on owncloud, Which DCK Cloud Storage can be access through the internal and external network (internet). So the user doesn’t need to worry if we don’t have internet connection to upload and sending an image to customer. We hope that the entire user in Bukit Jaya Group area can enjoy the facilities that given by an ICT Department.

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