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Recently the development of Cloud Computing growing increasingly it’s because cloud computing is considered a technology which is having many development also it can save the expenditure. For exemple is Own Cloud. Own cloud itself is one of cloud computing which having character as storage service (SaaS). Own Cloud having Open Source  Character it means free of charge. Own cloud functionally having similar function like drop box as Cloud Storage. OwnCloud has good way for users and applications to access data and sharing each user and non user.

Own Cloud puts control to users itself and also offering service providers, also the center and part of a transmission which having functions to provide synchronization solutions for user and sharing each user. Own cloud giving access toward the files universally with using network interface or WebDAV.

In the beginning of manufacturing own cloud it pioneered by Frank Karlitschek when he was talking about free and open application. The Installation process also does not require much in terms of the system and does not require special permissions to apply . Head office own cloud based on Boston – Massachusets United States. Branch Office based on Germany.


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